EngOpt2018 • 17-19 September 2018

17th September 2018 - Events

6th International Conference on Engineering Optimization

About EngOpt 2018

A forum for Engineers, Mathematicians and Computer Scientists to share research and innovations, promoting interdisciplinary activities in all fields of Engineering Optimization

The first International Conference on Engineering Optimization took place in 2008 at Rio de Janeiro, the second one at Lisbon in 2010. In 2012 EngOpt returned to Rio de Janeiro and in 2014 to Lisbon. In 2016 it was held in Foz do Iguassu, Brasil. All conferences were very successful in number and quality of presentations. The proceedings of all those meetings are available at: www.engopt.org.


The main goal of EngOpt conferences is to periodically bring together engineers, applied mathematicians and computer scientists working on research, development and practical application of optimization methods in all engineering disciplines and applied sciences.

For more information, see https://engopt2018.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/