30th November 2020 - Events


It is with a great pleasure that we invite you, your co-workers and students to present your research work at the 5th International Conference on Numerical and Symbolic Computation: Developments and Applications – SYMCOMP 2021. The website of the conference can be found both at and

Due to pandemic, the conference organization has considered some adjustments, so both online (live) and in-person presentations will be allowed.

As usually, this conference aims to be a privileged forum to share knowledge, research experiences, and new developments and applications on numerical and symbolic computation, in different scientific and technological domains. The subjects covered by this conference include (but are not limited to):

Symbolic, Numerical and Graphical Computational Applications

Computational Mechanics; Modeling and optimization; Computational Mathematics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Image Processing; E-science and Technology, Evolutionary Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Systems Identification and Control; Management Information Systems; Finance and Economics Computational Modelling; Computational Didactical Tools, …

The authors will have the possibility to submit an improved/new version of their work for publication in International Scientific Journals, namely in Mathematics in Computer Science (Birkhäuser Mathematics, Springer) and in Mathematical and Computational Applications (MDPI, Basel, Switzerland).

The deadline for abstract submission (online) is 31 st January 2021.

Proposals for Mini-Symposia organization are opened and are also welcomed.

We look forward to welcome you in Évora, Portugal, next year (25-26 March 2021).

Yours sincerely,

Amélia Loja

Mourad Bezzeghoud

(Conference Chair Persons)