MULTIBODY2023 • 11th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on MULTIBODY DYNAMICS

19th May 2022 - Events

Multibody dynamics is an exciting area of mechanics, which
merges various disciplines such as structural dynamics, multiphysic
mechanics, computational mathematics, control theory
and computer science in order to deliver methods and tools
for the virtual prototyping of complex mechanical systems.
Multibody dynamics play a central role in the modelling,
analysis, simulation and optimization of mechanical systems
in a variety of fields and for a wide range of applications. As
new methods and procedures are being proposed at a fast
pace in academia, research laboratories and industry, it
becomes important to provide researchers in multibody
dynamics with appropriate venues for exchanging ideas
and results. To answer these needs, the ECCOMAS
Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics was initiated
in 2003. Since then the conference is held every two years in
changing locations. This 11th edition is taking place in Lisbon,
at the site of its 1st edition, 20 Years later.

Conference Topics
The Conference focuses on all aspects of multibody dynamics.
Papers are especially solicited on the following topics:
• Biomechanics and medical applications
• Constraints and contact
• Mechatronics, robotics and control
• Flexible multibody dynamics
• Formulations and numerical methods
• Optimization and sensitivity analysis
• Efficient simulation and real-time applications
• Education, validation and software development
• Vehicle dynamics and aerospace applications

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