Curved thin panels for structural application

Project name: Curved thin panels for structural application

Project code: Ultimate_Panel

Project timeline: 2016 - 2019

Research group: Mechanical Design

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This project was conducted to develop a clear design approach for curved panels. In order to achieve this goal, three action plans were implemented in parallel: i) experimental, ii) analytical and iii) numerical. After an initial review of existing standards and their design approaches (all identified engineering branches were taken into account), the experimental tests (served as a first step to assess the standards accuracy) and analytical and numerical studies (with parameterization of geometry, different materials, loading types) were performed. The results from the numerical study arose from benchmark models that were calibrated and validated using the experimental results. Each research team was responsible for a plan (ISISE-UC – experimental; IST-UL – analytical; UERJ – numerical). However, despite this clear definition of responsibilities, all tasks were carried out in cooperation between research teams. A huge set of results was found (see publications) and design recommendations were developed and proposed for steel structural codes.

Project team

Nuno Miguel Rosa Pereira Silvestre (PI)
André Dias Martins