Sheet-Bulk PTDC/EMS-TEC/0626/2014

Deformação Plástica de Chapa na Massa

Project name: Deformação Plástica de Chapa na Massa

Project code: Sheet-Bulk PTDC/EMS-TEC/0626/2014

Project timeline: 2016 - 2019

Research group: Manufacturing and Industrial Management


This project was designed to provide the following contributions to science and technology of materials processing. Firstly, to provide a new understanding on plastic flow and failure in SBF by means of a combined theoretical and experimental investigation that will make use of finite element modelling and fabrication of complex sheet parts in a new incremental, flexible, tool system (refer to figure 2 of the annex), to be designed and fabricated by the authors. Secondly, to investigate which mechanical and metallurgical properties of the metal sheets and plates should be employed to select the best material for a specific SBF application. Thirdly, to study the possibility of extending SBF to the fabrication of complicated polymer sheet parts available in machines and mechanisms. Fourthly, to fabricate different SBF prototype parts with increasing complexity in collaboration with a Portuguese SME (MCG Mind for Metal) that produces seat frames for a tier one supplier of seat platforms to the automotive industry.

Project team

P.A.F. Martins (PI)
C.M.A. Silva
L.M. Alves
João Magrinho