Improved workforce to set transition from manufacturing to digital green fabrication

Project name: Improved workforce to set transition from manufacturing to digital green fabrication

Project code: DIGIGREEN

Project timeline: 2022 - 2023

Research group: Manufacturing and Industrial Management


Setting a strong support for the industrial sectors in the long process of transition from the traditional manufacturing to the digital and green manufacturing of their manufacturing systems – Setting an innovative system of training, which is able to offer in the same time: digital literacy, competences to switch to digital manufacturing, and competences to switch to low carbon prints and eco-labelling manufacturing – Setting a strong answer to the European effort in the development of digital education for the improvement of the actual learning conditions (need for short-term training sessions) through the promotion of the enhancement of digital integration in e-learning and the open access to educational resources by sharing best practices – Design, elaborate, and implement a European virtual learning platform for the manufacturing sector addressed to new and advanced contents integrated into a greater variety of innovative learning practices; a strong teaching and learning digital tool in cooperation with new designed methodologies to implement a mix of microcourses and webinars way of learning – Enable ICT to make VET more flexible in opportunities, and support a strategic use and access to educational resources at different levels, which means a fostering of new digital learning opportunities in an accessible, innovative, and flexible way – Improve the high level of digital and transversal skills development for teachers and trainees, employed or not in a lifelong perspective – By addressing the 7P (the most used manufacturing processes), DIGIGREEN increases its dedication to all relevant industrial sectors – Assures a high transparency of competences for the manufacturing sector, by describing learning outcomes for each microlearning and webinars activity

Project team

I. Pires (PI)
Gouveia B.P.P.A.


M. C. Florescu, M. C. Criveanu, S. V. Savu, Inês Pires, B.P.P.A. Gouveia, D. Klobcar, U. Trdan, N. A. Sîrbu, R. Florescu, A. M. Savu, Social analysis on the education and training conditions required by the transformation to digital and green fabrication?, timisoara, Nov, 2022