New Polymer Metal-Coins (project extension)

Project name: New Polymer Metal-Coins (project extension)

Project timeline: 2019 - 2019

Research group: Manufacturing and Industrial Management

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To conclude the cycle referencing the ?Ages of Europe?, which reflects some of the most important European artistic movements, the theme of the Europe Series in 2020 is the Gothic, a style that had a particular influence on European architecture between the XII and XIV centuries, featuring vaults and ogive arches as well as stained glass windows. All of these elements are in relief on the Portuguese coin created by designer Eduardo Aires. The silver proof version of this coin is the result of an innovative process developed by Casa da Moeda in partnership with the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IDMEC), which allows two distinct materials – metal and polymer – to be added to each other during the minting process.

Project team

P.A.F. Martins (PI)
L.M. Alves