SHM TB30 – Methodology and Tools for Assessing the Structural Health and Life Extension of Aircraft

5th February 2018 - Aircrafts


The purpose of this work is to monitor the structural health of the Portuguese Air Force (PrtoAF) Epsilon TB 30 fleet by measuring the dynamic behaviour of aircraft critical components to improve maintenance programme.

The service load spectrum and the strain response of the structure are simultaneously measured by using a combination

of accelerometers and strain gauges to record fatigue cycles. All fleet operation is analyzed to calculate the fatigue damage of each aircraft. Also, finite element models of critical components are used to define the critical locations for strain gauges to be installed and to estimate the stress in those locations.

The service measurements are analysed using the structural health monitoring platform PRODDIA® which uses time and frequency based fatigue damage models to predict the structural health of the structure. Based on this analysis, a new maintenance scheduling is proposed for the aircraft in study, increasing time between inspections and therefore reducing maintenance costs.



  1. Project SHM TB30 – Program P2020, Aviso 33/SI/2015


Contact Person

Virgínia Infante