Intelligent Systems

Integrated Members

Main interests:
Intelligent Control, Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Instrumentation
Alexandra Moutinho
Carlos Batista Cardeira
Duarte Valério
Main interests:
Fractional Calculus; Wave Energy; Computer Vision
João Calado
Main interests:
Artificial intelligence techniques applied to FDI/FTC, mobile robots, automatic control, intelligent multi agent approaches and collaborative networks, process identification, robotics, remote supervision and control, artificial intelligence techniques applied to image processing.
João F. P. Fernandes
Main interests:
Electrical Machines, Electromagnetic and Thermal Design, Electromagnetic fields, Optimization Design/Processes, New Magnetic Materials, Photovoltaic systems.
João Manuel Gouveia de Figueiredo
João Miguel da Costa Sousa
Main interests:
Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Systems; Intelligent Data Analysis; Smart Industry; Applications in Operations Research, Energy and Health Care.
Jorge Martins
Main interests:
Robotics and MechatronicsSystems and ControlPhysical Human-Robot InteractionSurgical RoboticsExoskeletons and Orthotics
José Raul Azinheira
Main interests:
Flight controlNonlinear controlAerial robotics
José Valente de Oliveira
Main interests:
Machine LearningNatural computingArtificial Intelligence
Luis Manuel Fernandes Mendonça
Miguel Ayala Botto
Main interests:
Distributed control of large-scale transportation networks, Control of hybrid systems, Robotics, Fault detection and isolation
Paulo J.S. Gonçalves
Paulo José da Costa Branco
Main interests:
Photovoltaic systems operation and maintenance: multi-objective optimization to minimize the economic and energy costs over the life-cycle; Operation of induction generators when isolated from the power grid and under variable speed in the pump as working turbines; Criticality in the smart grid operation environment: definition of reliability models for both cyber and power equipment; The use of bulk high-temperature superconducting materials inserted in the magnetic circuit of electromechanical systems increases its power density.
R.M. Coelho
Main interests:
Medical Robotics; Industrial Robotics; Mobile Robotics; Control; Computer Vision and Image Processing; Artificial Intelligence
Susana Margarida da Silva Vieira
Main interests:
Fuzzy Systems, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Complex Systems Modeling and Control, Optimization and Decision Theory, Data Uncertainty, Feature Selection and Causality.


António José Arsénio dos Santos Costa
Main interests:
Electrical machines; Magnetic gears;Superconducting machines;Superconducting bearings;Electromagnetic circuit optimization;Finite Element Analysis;Intelligent control;Automation;Smart grids
Carlos Augusto Santos Silva
Cátia Matos Salgado
Cristiano Lourenço Cabrita
Main interests:
Neural Networks, fuzzy systems, Optimization algorithms, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation.
Fernando Paulo Neves da Fonseca Cardoso Carreira
Filipe Rodrigues
Main interests:
Energy generation and consumption; Energy Management; Energy Short-Term Load Forecasting Management; Supply and Energy Demand; Energy Predictive Model, Artificial Neural Networks; Demand-Side Management; Demand Response; Smart Grids; Hydrogen energy application.
J. Sá da Costa
Main interests:
The research interests fits on the broad area of Systems and Control Engineering, in particular, the development of control theory and their applications to engineering systems towards the enhancement of performance, functionality, safety and reliability.The research interests include fault tolerant control, network control systems, manipulator robots, surgery robots, active noise and vibration control, fractional control systems, control of ocean wave energy converters and system identification.
João Carlos Prata dos Reis
Main interests:
Soft roboticsFlexible robotsRobotic manipulatorsVibration control of robots
João Lemos Nabais
João Rogério Caldas Pinto
Joaquim Paul Laurens Viegas
Mário António da Silva Neves Ramalho
Mário Rui Melício da Conceição
Pedro Beirão
R. S. Costa
S. Vinga
Main interests:
Computational Biology.

PhD Students

Andrés Rodríguez
Carlos Henriques
Guilherme Luz
José Neves
Maria João Sousa
Tomás Hipólito

Laboratory Technicians


Gabriela Alves
Marina Alves