Manufacturing and Industrial Management

The Centre of Manufacturing and Industrial Management comprises five scientific groups:


  • Forming Technologies, coordinated by Prof. Paulo Martins

Research and development is focused on innovative forming processes, optimization and application of new materials to existing forming processes, and identification of new levels of understanding for existing forming processes. The overall strategy of the Forming Group is twofold: (i) development and utilization of numerical methods for the simulation of forming processes and (ii) experimentation under controlled laboratory conditions. The interests of the Forming Group are focused on small-batch flexible processes based on cold forming of metals and polymers, joining by forming, formability in forming and sheet-bulk forming.


  • Joining Technologies, coordinated by Prof. Luísa Coutinho

The Joining Technologies group develops activity in an integrated strategy of education, research and technology transfer to industry. The group is primarily involved in the following fields; fusion welding processes, development and applications of Laser welding technology, development, applications and numerical modelling of solid state welding processes, with more emphasis on friction stir welding and related technologies and non destructive testing technologies, with emphasis on advanced ultrasound techniques.


  • Metal Cutting, coordinated by Prof. Pedro Rosa

The strategy of the group is to strengthen its position and visibility in cooperation with other national and international partners and to focus on fundamental research for metal cutting based on the interaction between plasticity, friction and modern ductile fracture mechanics. The group is primarily involved in the following fields: (i) Experimentation under controlled laboratory conditions, (ii) Numerical simulation and (iii) Mechanical, tribological and fracture characterization of materials at high strain rates.


  • Additive manufacturing, coordinated by Prof. Jorge Rodrigues

The research activities are focused on 3D printing manufacturing of synthetic bone implants, additive manufacturing materials and products evaluation and characterization, namely through mechanical testing, physical characterization and fluid flow analysis. The research activities within the group are undertaken in collaboration with other international research groups and medical devices industrial partners allowing knowledge transfer.


  • Industrial Management, coordinated by Prof. Elsa Henriques

With a close collaboration with the industrial framework and a strong interaction with other research groups, this group aims to generate new knowledge and applications in the industrial management field, to perform technology transfer and provide advanced competences for present and future decision-makers. The main research topics group include; (i) development of new business models for the tooling industry, (ii) development of lean manufacturing strategies for SME, (iii) development of Life Cycle Engineering models to support sustainable decisions in technology, process and material selection, (iv) impact assessment of emergent technologies based in systematic analysis and in technological cost models and (v) stochastic models in operational research.